Monastery - Grisons

"A jewel amongst monasteries"

The Benedictine monastery of Saint Martin is the most important convent in the Grisons canton. Its spacious baroque building, with two towering domes, dominates the entire valley. The foundation of the monastery dates back to the Frankish hermit, Sigisbert, who retired to solitude (desertina) around 700 with his colleague Placidus, from the monastery of Luxueil. On the graves of these two hermits, the bishop of Chur erected a chapel and founded the monastery in 750.

Destroyed by the Sarazens in 940, the monastery was rebuilt with the help of the Sax emperor, who was interested in the safety of the Lukmanier Pass. In 1799, French troops ransacked and plundered the village of Disentis and the monastery. In 1846 a fire destroyed the monastery and church of St Martin. Extensive restorations were carried out in 1880 and a humanistic high-school was joined to the monastery. The church of Saint-Martin, built between 1696-1712 under the abbot Adalbert III de Funs, is considered to be the most beautiful sacred building of the Grisons. Inside, a hall of pillars displays the baroque features of the School of Vorarlberg. A remarkable collection of sculptures from the Middle Ages and textiles from the Grisons canton is kept in the monastery museum.

Opening hours: Christmas-Easter: Wed 2pm - 5pm; June to October: Tue, Thurs, Sat 2pm - 5pm; by appointment for groups only.

7180 Disentis/Mustér, Switzerland

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