Ski Area Achensee - Christlum 950 - 1800 m

All the Christlum ski region lifts are working throughout the winter season.

In the summer the Christlum is an ideal starting point for many hiking tours.

Enjoy truly great skiing and snowboarding conditions from November through April!

20km of immaculately groomed slopes and state-of-the-art ski lifts ensure a frist-class skiing experience up to 1800m above sea level also on holidays.

The ski area is situated between 950 and 1800 m above sea level and one of the few resorts where snow is guaranteed. Modern snow guns guarantee snow from November until April!

The Christlum ski bus runs around the village of Achenkirch to the ski region:
Alpen-Caravanpark Achensee 9:25
Fischerwirt 9:26
Hotel Cordial/Jägerhof 9:28
Abzweigung Achensee 9:30
Christlumlifte 9:32

Alpen-Caravanpark Achensee 10:45 Uhr
Fischerwirt 10:46 Uhr
Hotel Cordial/Jägerhof 10:48 Uhr
Abzweigung Achensee 10:50 Uhr
Christlumlifte 10:52 Uhr

Christlumlifte 10:45
Abzweigung Achensee 10:46
Hotel Cordial/Jägerhof 10:48
Fischerwirt: 10:50
Alpen-Caravanpark Achensee 10:52

Achensee - Christlum Facilities & Activities

Winter Hiking Trails
  • 22 km
Tracks in kilometers
  • 14 Total
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Location & Getting There

Hochalmlifte Christlum GmbH
Achenkirch 115a
6215 Achenkirch am Achensee, Austria
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